Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 112: Cathryn Naiker & Sean Woodley

We’re back in the off-season and it could be a wild one!

RAPS: Are the Raptors the title favourites in 2020? How much better can they be? Nick Nurse knows how to win. What’s a win for team Canada? Some are dismissing this ring, others are pondering if we are the best defence ever. How will this team be remembered?

NBA: Who won the draft? Do you even care about it? (Shoutout to FVV). Kawhi swung the balance of power in the NBA last year. Who is the 2020 difference maker? Is load management the future?
Quickish Questions, some more surprise cannons going off, Last Boys and so much more! Special guests on this episode: Cathryn Naiker and Sean Woodley!