Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 6.109: Ennis Esmer & Cathryn Naiker

Raptors are tied 1-1 in the NBA FINALS!!

RAPS: We are going to need everyone and everything to win this series. Kawhi’s buying houses and suing Nike– He’s staying! Which tier do we need more from to win: Tier 1 (Kawhi), Tier 2 (Kyle, Pascal & Marc) or Tier 3 (Serge, Danny & Fred)? There are so many new Raptors fans because of the finals. What tips or clarifications would you tell them? The Warriors overcoming despite injury seems to be the narrative that’s forming this finals. What does Nick Nurse do to change that? Should he try to surprise Steve Kerr?

NBA: It’s the finals, but 28 teams are at home. Who is the most deserving player to have never had a finals appearance? Adam Silver recently said that the NBA is not considering expansion. What should they be considering? Quickish questions and more!

With special guests: Ennis Esmer and Cathryn Naiker!