Confederacy of Dunks

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.98

The All-Star Weekend is over and the 43-16 Raps are ready for the final stretch. DeMar’s emotional return, this Friday! How do we feel about Kawhi at this point? The Raps are tied for 6th in offense, tied for 10th in defense and are 4th in net rating. What do we need to improve on the most to close out the season? Which Raptor is gonna finish the strongest?

NBA: We talk high/lowlights of the All-Star Game. NBA predicts 37 to 40 players will be free agents this summer. What does that entail? Which team is about to derail and become a complete trainwreck? Quick-ish Questions, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know segments and a lot of This American Life and In-N-Out Burger shit-talking!

With special guests Gary Rideout Jr. and Will Weldon!