Confederacy of Dunks

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.95

The 37-15 Raptors are almost at full health. Minutes will be tight. CJ, Norm, McCaw & Delon all want to contribute. Most likely, at least two of them get benched. Which two and why? When Kyle is hitting from 3, he looks like a great second option. What should the plan be when he’s cold? Anthony Davis is on the market and the Raps are rumoured to be putting together a package for him. What do you think it looks like? Should we go for it??

NBA: We continue talking Anthony Davis and what the Pelicans should do. He’s come out and said he’s going to the Lakers sooner or later. Even Lonzo’s camp is coming out with trade requests now. What’s the best B Plot to AD? Do players have too much power in the NBA?

Quickish Questions and a little Tell Me Something I Don’t Know about….(Tune in to find out!)

Special guests on this pod: Producer Sheldon Alexander and PUP‘s Steve Sladkowski!