Confederacy of Dunks

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.90

The 23-9 Raptors have had some epic wins and some frustrating losses over their last ten games. Have they truly arrived?

Raptor Talk: It’s injury season for the Raps. Which healthy body makes the most of their extra time on the court? Secret Agent Lawrence Frank is spying on Kawhi. How do the Raptors stop the Clippers/other Kawhi suitors from hijacking their narrative?

NBA: The trade season has officially begun with a trade happening (not involving anyone named Brooks.) We talk the Ariza for Rivers/Oubre Jr. trade. Pace and space is giving way to more parity than we have seen in a while. What’s the most underrated/overrated team in the NBA? Quickish Questions and we tell you something you don’t know about Mengke Bateer, Nate Huffman and DeMarre Carroll.

Special guests on this episode: Duane Watson and Alan Shane Lewis! Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks so much for listening and rating on all our platforms.