Confederacy of Dunks

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.87

We’re at the quarter-mark of the season already and the Raptors are first place overall with a 17-4 record! How did Vince Carter scoring 25,000 against the raps make us feel? Kawhi VS Pop. What do you think of Kawhi’s leadership or lack there of? Siakam has been an absolute lock for the raps this year, every night.  Which player is a lock between OG/Fred/Delon?

NBA: Who is surprising you more, the Grizz, the Clips or the Kings? NBA has the highest pace and highest scoring since the 80’s. A 10-point lead is no longer a 10-point lead. What’s the new 10-point lead? Who is going to make the all-star game for the first time? Quick-ish questions and we tell you something you don’t know about Nico de Colo, Omar Cook and Greg Monroe!

With special guests Jason DeRosse and Matt Henry!